Saturday, March 9, 2013

Wisdom Teeth: Surgical Removal Experience

Hey everyone ~ hope you's are all having a great day :)

Today was the day that I've been dreading for over a month - Wisdom teeth surgery! I am writing this post whilst lying in bed with a full on chipmunk face >_<.

The reason I got all 4 wisdom teeth out (which were all still inside the gum) was because my bottom 2 teeth were growing diagonally against the next tooth and were severely impacted, causing crowding in the front. The top 2 hadn't grown as big yet, but the surgeon encouraged me to remove those in this operation too, to prevent future crowding - and also to experience this tooth removal pain all at once instead of multiple times. I'm also getting braces soon to correct my crowding :).

Part of my X-ray

The pricing for this surgery was pretty $$$, but i 'shopped' around asking other dentists on their opinion and pricing, and many of them said I 100% needed to do the operation in hospital which would cost around $4000 :/. The dentist I ended doing the operation at had a surgeon who specially came in on Saturdays just for wisdom teeth removal. It cost me $2450 all up (450 just for sedation).

What happened throughout the day:

5:00am Ate breakfast
My appointment was booked for 11:30am, and I was told I had to fast for at least 6 hours before the surgery because of the sedation. I also could not drink water 4 hours before.

11:00am Arrived at the dentist
After filling in some forms, the surgeon and seditionist individually explained the procedure and risks very thoroughly. Such nice people! :)

11:30am Surgery time!
Firstly the seditionist stuck a needle drip in the crook of my elbow (He also mentioned my elbows are double jointed o.o). He then began injecting small amounts of the anaesthetic in, and I could feel the effects right away. I think within 30 seconds I passed out haha.

12:30pm Woke up
I woke up with 2 cotton gauzes in my mouth to bite on (to saturate the blood) which were quite comfortable. I remember feeling quite dizzy and kept dozing off. I recovered for around 30mins and was allowed to go home. 

I was prescribed 2 pain killers, antibiotics, and a mouth wash (you can purchase it a bit cheaper with a healthcare card ^^). Either the surgeon did an extremely awesome job, or all these drugs are masking ALL the pain - because after resting for about an hour, I began to feel like myself again. I felt quite energetic and basically ate and Youtubed for the rest of the day :P. So far I've been eating congee, yoghurt, jelly, and watermelon ^_^.

I've developed the whole swollen chipmunk face and it's not pretty LOL. It looks EXACTLY like the chipmunk effect on mac Photo Booth hahaha! Luckily it's only the 3rd week of uni, so I won't miss out on too much this week for not attending, but the surgeon said I should be okay to go out in 3 days.

PM me if you'd like to know which dentist I went to (located in Sydney city), I highly recommend them :) 

Hopefully I can just wait out the swollenness for the next few days without any pain... fingers crossed! :)

Thank you for reading~ Have a great night! ^^

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