Tuesday, January 8, 2013

{Review} Rabito *BlingBling*

The iPhone 5 is my first iPhone. I love how there are so many ways to personalise it! I really believe that you can tell someone's personality simply by their phone case. 
 The Rabito line of phone cases are just so adorable! I purchased mine off eBay, the link which i got off the official Rabito online shop (link below) so im pretty sure it's authentic. It took 1 and a half weeks to arrive from Korea to Sydney, Aus. Whilst waiting for it to arrive, i didn't want my new iPhone to be unprotected for 2 weeks, so i purchased this case off ebay (it was $6 when i got it :O). I love the colour (i got light blue & pink) and how simple it is.

The name 'bling bling' comes from the slight shimmers on the case. They're extremely subtle, only noticeable close up. I really enjoy the material because it's wipe clean and hasn't stained at all (3 months). It's quite flexible so you can insert or remove the case easily, and yet provides enough protection for the phone. 

The tail is used to clean the surface of the phone, helps it stand up, and is detachable. To be honest I only used the tail for the first 2 days and haven't touched it since. However, it's a nice touch, and very cute! :)

If you're thinking of purchasing one, I highly HIGHLY recommend that you do! I've received countless compliments from girls AND guys on how cute it is ^^. The price is reasonable, and I believe that I'll be sticking with this case for quite a while :).

Thank you for reading! ^^

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