Monday, January 28, 2013

Have you met the duck?

Feast your eyes on this giant rubber duckie! Just chillin' in the middle of Sydney Darling Harbour.

{Review} Louis Vuitton Zippy Coin Purse in Monogram Multicolore canvas

Heya :)

This is a review of my Louis Vuitton Zippy Coin Purse in Monogram Multicolore canvas ($485), purchased in Sep 2012. Back when i was researching which LV wallet i wanted, i found most of my information on youtube and blog reviews. However there weren't many for this particular wallet in the black colour, so i hope this will be helpful for someone out there!

Every one of these wallets have a different colour combination. I read online that whatever colour the middle LV is, is what colour your eyes are drawn to over the whole wallet? For example, the middle LV on mine is blue, hence when looking at the wallet you see mostly blues (however i sometimes feel like i see yellow more on one side lol).

At the store the sales associate showed me all the wallets they had in stock (she brought out like 6-7 >_< so nice of her!) because i was really picky on how the different colour combinations looked ==. She pointed out this particular wallet and how pretty the vertical purple, pink, baby blue down the middle is, and i completely agreed!

How it looked brand new
Love the pink!!

My previous wallet was a long wallet by Coach. It was really pretty and had a lot of room which suited my needs at the time. However i realised that i don't even touch the majority of things kept inside which made it really bulky and heavy. The most used things in my wallet are note cash, bank cards, ID, and very few rewards cards. The rest were a bunch a receiepts, and a tonne of rewards cards i rarely ever used. I keep my coins in a separate coin purse because they're bulky and i feel like they'd stretch out the wallet.

After 6 months and it still looks brand new :)
The glazing on the side is still in perfect condition. The zipper has minor scratches which is inevitable but doesn't bother me at all. The place where i feel like it has the most wear is the top part of the zipper opening where you stretch the wallet to see the inside. To me it feels a bit 'loose' and softer after a lot of use. 
The inside says 'Louis Vuitton Paris Made in France'.
Random thing i discovered: My everyday uni bag is the Longchamp Le Pilage, and this wallet fits PERFECTLY in the side pocket! It sits safely up there whilst my other things roll around at the bottom of the bag :P.

Overall, I love this wallet so much~ the colours are so beautiful and i feel happy looking at it LOL! The quality is AMAZING! It's the perfect compact size, and also prevents me from carrying more than i need to (I'm one of those people who overpack with those 'you never know!' items haha). I definitely recommend this wallet and will be using it for many years to come! Thank you for reading ^_^~

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

{Review} Rabito *BlingBling*

The iPhone 5 is my first iPhone. I love how there are so many ways to personalise it! I really believe that you can tell someone's personality simply by their phone case. 
 The Rabito line of phone cases are just so adorable! I purchased mine off eBay, the link which i got off the official Rabito online shop (link below) so im pretty sure it's authentic. It took 1 and a half weeks to arrive from Korea to Sydney, Aus. Whilst waiting for it to arrive, i didn't want my new iPhone to be unprotected for 2 weeks, so i purchased this case off ebay (it was $6 when i got it :O). I love the colour (i got light blue & pink) and how simple it is.

The name 'bling bling' comes from the slight shimmers on the case. They're extremely subtle, only noticeable close up. I really enjoy the material because it's wipe clean and hasn't stained at all (3 months). It's quite flexible so you can insert or remove the case easily, and yet provides enough protection for the phone. 

The tail is used to clean the surface of the phone, helps it stand up, and is detachable. To be honest I only used the tail for the first 2 days and haven't touched it since. However, it's a nice touch, and very cute! :)

If you're thinking of purchasing one, I highly HIGHLY recommend that you do! I've received countless compliments from girls AND guys on how cute it is ^^. The price is reasonable, and I believe that I'll be sticking with this case for quite a while :).

Thank you for reading! ^^

{Review} Mini Tiffany & Co Collection

{Warning~ this post is quite long lol}

This is a collection of Tiffany & Co silver jewellery that I've accumulated in the past year. I absolutely love every single piece, and wear them almost everyday. All these were gifted by my lovely boyfriend for separate occasions (thank you Wayne!! ^^<3), and we chose the pieces together.

The packaging is so beautiful~ i keep all the bags, ribbons, and boxes :D.

This was the first Tiffany & Co anything that i owned. It's such a beautiful necklace, so simple and dainty, and it goes with literally anything. I'd say i wore this every single day for over half a year. There were two chain lengths to choose from - 16 or 18 inch. I went for the 16inch because I liked how it stopped just under my collar bone.

I love this bracelet so much~ and I wear it everyday. This is Tiffany & Co's most popular piece, and I totally understand why. Once again, it goes with everything, and it looks so lovely on the wrist! The size of the pendant and the positioning on the bracelet is so perfect, so it dangles in the right place? Haha.

Sizing wise, i got the medium which is the smallest. I have to wear the bracelet a few links in for it to fit properly. At the store they gave me the option to get it properly adjusted, meaning they take off the extra links. However, because they would needed to send the bracelet away to do that, it would take 3 weeks, and I didn't want to wait that long so I just kept it the way it is :D.

I wear this bracelet along with my watch which is made of stainless steel, which has caused quite a lot of scratches on the pendant (because it's quite big, when i move my wrist around, the pendant swings back and forth hitting my watch). I'm able to remove the tarnish from the silver, but unfortunately even the people at the store said there's no way to remove the scratches. Nevertheless, this bracelet is still my favourite piece of jewellery ever ^^.
Close up of the scratched pendant.
How smooth the pendant was when i first got it.
How the bracelets fit (my wrist is about 14cm).

These earrings are so adorable! Just like the above necklace and bracelet, they're so simple and go with everything! I don't wear these everyday though, because i think wearing them along with the necklace is too matchy matchy haha. The detail on the backings is really cute~ they're flowers :). Not sure what else to say about them, other than they're like the perfect studs :).

Tiffany 1837™ Ring (Size 6.5) $205
Going to the store, I was planning to purchase this ring, because I thought it looked like a simple everyday ring, but with a cool twist. However, when I tried it on the ring felt really light which I thought felt a bit cheap and not worth the price tag. When trying on the 1837 ring (the one purchased), it felt so much more sturdy, and it had a good weight to it. I got size 6.5, and it fits on both my middle and index finger. Perfect everyday ring :).

This tiny hint of Tiffany blue is a gorgeous little detail to your arm candy. When i looked up this bracelet online, i thought it was simply a beaded bracelet, however when I held it in-store, I realised that there's actually a chain inside the beads! For me, it takes a while to put on this bracelet, because the clasp is quite small, and also because the beads sometimes become twisted(?) which makes it difficult for them to wrap around my wrist properly. I still love it very much, and wear it everyday :).

Sizing wise - even though my wrists are quite thin, this bracelet is not too loose, I think it's a perfect size (see few pics above).
 Chain inside.

I would say that every one of these pieces is a must have because i love them so much haha > <. But if you don't own any Tiffany & Co jewellery, and are looking to purchase your first one, I highly recommend the 'heart tag charm bracelet' or the 'heart tag pendant necklace'. I guarantee you'll wear them everyday :D

Lastly, there are two important products that I use to keep all this silver shiny and polished. Tiffany silver tarnishes very easily. I didn't realise this until my second time at the store, where I was wearing the necklace and the sales assistant serving us pointed out how tarnished it was. She wiped over my necklace on the spot with a polishing cloth, and holy crap there was a huge difference! So I purchased the 'silver polishing cloth' for $10 (IT'S HUGE!), and use it at least once a week. Sometimes they give you a complimentary polishing cloth (much smaller) with purchase. As you clean your jewellery, it will leave dark stains on the cloth, you'll know it's clean when there's nothing coming off.

After about half a year, i noticed some black marks (not sure what it was, maybe hardcore tarnish? o.O lol)on my necklace which the cloth could not remove. The sales assistant recommended purchasing the silver polish which is also $10 and it worked like a charm :D. The polish is pink and smells pretty bad, you pour it on a cotton pad (not the polishing cloth!) and wipe the jewellery until it's clean.

Thank you for reading! :)

Saturday, January 5, 2013

{OOTD} 2012 NYE

Hey there! My name is Kelly and welcome to my new blog.
Here's an Outfit of the Day of what I wore to a house party on NYE.
Top:: Glassons
Belt:: Madewell
Shorts:: Jayjays
Shoes:: Betts
Watch:: Fossil
Jewellery:: Tiffany & Co
Bag:: Longchamp Le Pilage Large
Phonecase:: Rabito

Thank you for reading, and Happy New Year! :)