Sunday, March 17, 2013

Instagram @12thofjuly

This is a bit slow of me, but I've started to use Instagram more frequently now ^^" and it's actually quite addicting! There's so many cool photos on there and I really like the hashtag search feature. It's really useful for seeing how other people style or use different things like accessories, clothes, bags, or even what they order at a specific restaurant lolol.

My username is @12thofjuly and here are some random photos from my page :).

'Heaven for everyone' @ Passionflower Dessert Culture
Watermelon, green apple, and mango sorbet from my favourite dessert place ever @ Via Del Corso
My most favourite candy on this planet! Pear flavoured happy beans @ Happy Lab!
 Hello Kitty Swarovski Pen <3
 My most worn jewellery at the moment ^^
Random crown ring discovery :P

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Monday, March 11, 2013

{Tag} Favourite iPhone Photography Apps

Favourite iPhone apps continued ...

I'm one of those people who downloads a tonne of apps in the photo/video category just to test them out. A lot of the times I forget to use them, so before doing this post a lot of them still said 'new' LOL. So i actually discovered some apps I quite fancy whilst going through all of them just now. Enjoy! ^^

MirrorCamera: A quick and easy app to flip photos around horizontally.
Squaready: An app that simply allows you to crop your photos into a square shape.
Diptic: My favourite frames app. 

whitagram: (Left photo) Nice app to place photos onto a square template without cutting any of the photo out(not adjustable).
moreBeaute2: (Right photo) My go-to app for brightening photos. Makes a really nice difference! :)

 Camera360: This app has SO MANY nice filters! The picture on the left shows all the categories available. I like how you can adjust the opacity of each effect using the bar shown in the right picture - even at zero, the amount of filter still looks nice on most effects.

Vintique: Another great app with lots of filters, frames, patterns, etc (Picture taken from a ViVi magazine).

Picfx: This app also has a lot of filters - I especially enjoy the bokeh/light effect and how you can adjust the opacity. There's an option to layer effects on top each other (the minus and plus sign buttons), you need to press these or else everytime you press on a new filter, it'll cancel the previous choice.(My friends dog in the pic ^^).

PhotoWonder: I only discovered how fun this app is today lolol. The 'Intelli beauty' option is hilarious! You use it to resize your eyes and chin - I gotta admit, when adjusting it to the right amount it looks quite natural! This app also applies eyeliner and blush pretty well, doesn't look overly fake. There's also stamps, filters, patterns, and frames.

PicsPlay Pro: This is another app that I've never used until today, and I actually really like it! It has heaps of filters which you can change the opacity of. It also has heaps of features like curves (which I always use on photoshop), histogram, vignetting, etc.

FotoRus: Another app I only started using today .. > < I really like the 'coffee' filter :)! (Picture taken from a Mina magazine).

Bokehful: My favourite bokeh app. You can change the colour combinations, and they have different shapes including circles, stars, hearts, and hexagons.

Retrica: This app doesn't allow you to upload any photos to edit. It captures photos using your chosen filter - my favourite is called 'Breeze', shown below. You can capture multiple photos in one timed shot which is heaps fun. Photos are auto saved into an album. Below was our first time trying out the app, so we didn't realise it'd take more than 1 shot lolol.

Rakuga Cute: An awesome app with tonnes of stamps just like a purikura (sticker) machine! I like how you can flip the stamps horizontally, and the resizing/repositioning feature is very user-friendly. You can purchase extra stamps in packages.

Photonia: A cute app where you can create collages using your own photos and stamps which they provide.

LINE camera: My favourite features of this app are the 'Antique' filter and the 'Moon & James' stamps, they're so cute!(Picture taken from ViVi magazine).

Other apps worth mentioning:
PS Express: A simple go-to app which includes a lot of basic photo features like cropping, brightness, black & white, etc.
Pudding Camera: This app allows you to mix and math different camera effects with different filters (like fish eye, panorama, motion). 
CamWow: This was my favourite app for the longest time, I remember always using it when i first got my iPod. It has a bunch of photo booth effects which are really fun.
Photo Vault: An app that secures photos with a pass code.

That's all for now :) I hope i intro-ed you to some new photo apps, or encouraged you to go through some of your own to discovered new features that you never knew existed (like i did :P) 
Thank you for reading~ have a great day! ^^