Monday, January 28, 2013

{Review} Louis Vuitton Zippy Coin Purse in Monogram Multicolore canvas

Heya :)

This is a review of my Louis Vuitton Zippy Coin Purse in Monogram Multicolore canvas ($485), purchased in Sep 2012. Back when i was researching which LV wallet i wanted, i found most of my information on youtube and blog reviews. However there weren't many for this particular wallet in the black colour, so i hope this will be helpful for someone out there!

Every one of these wallets have a different colour combination. I read online that whatever colour the middle LV is, is what colour your eyes are drawn to over the whole wallet? For example, the middle LV on mine is blue, hence when looking at the wallet you see mostly blues (however i sometimes feel like i see yellow more on one side lol).

At the store the sales associate showed me all the wallets they had in stock (she brought out like 6-7 >_< so nice of her!) because i was really picky on how the different colour combinations looked ==. She pointed out this particular wallet and how pretty the vertical purple, pink, baby blue down the middle is, and i completely agreed!

How it looked brand new
Love the pink!!

My previous wallet was a long wallet by Coach. It was really pretty and had a lot of room which suited my needs at the time. However i realised that i don't even touch the majority of things kept inside which made it really bulky and heavy. The most used things in my wallet are note cash, bank cards, ID, and very few rewards cards. The rest were a bunch a receiepts, and a tonne of rewards cards i rarely ever used. I keep my coins in a separate coin purse because they're bulky and i feel like they'd stretch out the wallet.

After 6 months and it still looks brand new :)
The glazing on the side is still in perfect condition. The zipper has minor scratches which is inevitable but doesn't bother me at all. The place where i feel like it has the most wear is the top part of the zipper opening where you stretch the wallet to see the inside. To me it feels a bit 'loose' and softer after a lot of use. 
The inside says 'Louis Vuitton Paris Made in France'.
Random thing i discovered: My everyday uni bag is the Longchamp Le Pilage, and this wallet fits PERFECTLY in the side pocket! It sits safely up there whilst my other things roll around at the bottom of the bag :P.

Overall, I love this wallet so much~ the colours are so beautiful and i feel happy looking at it LOL! The quality is AMAZING! It's the perfect compact size, and also prevents me from carrying more than i need to (I'm one of those people who overpack with those 'you never know!' items haha). I definitely recommend this wallet and will be using it for many years to come! Thank you for reading ^_^~

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  1. If you ever want to sell this, please let me know.