Tuesday, February 19, 2013

L'oreal Excellence Creme 6.1 Light Ash Brown (Virgin Asian Hair)

Hey there ^^
I decided to try lightening my hair colour since I've never done anything to it, ever. So i thought since it's a new year, why not? :P.

My hair colour is the average asian - thick and dark brown/black. I thought of it as an experiment since i know it's quite difficult to lighten dark asian hair. As long as it didn't turn out orange, i'm happy haha. Target had 40% off L'oreal hair dyes so it came down to $10.50 each. I bought 2 boxes cos my hair's quite long, almost waist length (bought the last 2 boxes in-store lol!).

I chose this colour because I had read online that when dyeing dark hair, brown = brown/black, medium brown = brown, light brown = medium brown, dark blonde = light brown. I contemplated over getting medium brown or light brown, and went with the lighter one hoping it'd at least be noticeable on my hair.

L'oreal Excellence Creme 6.1 Light Ash Brown:
The box included instructions, gloves, protective serum, colouring creme, developer, and conditioning balm.

The colour the box claims, but my hair was legit black so i did not expect much colour to come out.

 Before and After:
So my hair actually turned out brown yay! 

You can't really see in the photo, but in real life the crown of my head is actually lighter than the bottom. It kind of looks like reverse ombre? T.T haha. The top looks like a really light brown/borderline orange? The bottom is more of a true dark brown. 

My friend who dyed it for me thinks that this happened either because 1. We did the top roots first and may have left it for too long, 2. All the parts we applied protective serum on (ends of the hair) did not come out as light because it needed longer time to develop.
I actually prefer the darker colour but I'm happy with the result! :)

This hair dye has a very noticeable smell, but it's not too chemically and took about half a day to fade away.

Hope this was helpful to someone~ thank you for reading!

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