Sunday, March 10, 2013

{Tag} Favourite iPhone Apps

Hiya :)

When I first got my iPhone I found these iPhone tags (on blogs and youtube) really helpful for discovering new apps. Hopefully this will intro you to some apps you may find useful. I'll list my photography apps in a separate post just cos I have quite a few haha.

Instagram (User name '12thofjuly'): Photo sharing app. My favourite filters are Amaro, Hudson, Valencia, X-Pro II, Brannan, Hefe, Nashville.
WhatsApp: Messaging app using data - great for group convos. I find that it drains battery pretty quickly, however it does give you the option to mute convos.
TripView: I don't think I can live without this app! It's basically a guide for transport in Sydney including trains, buses, ferries. It keeps you updated on current service information such as delays or track work, and also has maps and directions. There's a free version which has most of the features but doesn't remember the routes you type in. The paid version which is $2.99 keeps track of the types of transport and the route that you type in, so it's really convenient when you're in a hurry. The paid version is definitely worth it in my opinion :).

Shazam: This app listens to music and figures out the name and artist for you! It even works on non-english songs :D. I use this so often at the shopping centre, and when listening to the radio. 

Other Apps worth mentioning:
Emoji: Provides a keyboard with a lot of different emoticons - really fun for messages.

Free Video: Downloads and stores youtube videos.
Virgin Mobile: Great for keeping up with voice and data usage for virgin customers.
Foursquare: A check-in app to keep up with where friends are.
Viber: Similar to whatsapp.

Reminders: My most used and favourite default app! I find this app so simple yet useful for storing not only to-do lists, but you can also create your own lists like to-purchase, wish-list, new years resolutions, etc.

Toshl Finance: A REALLY useful finance app! Keeps track of expenses, income, and budgets. I only have the free version which doesn't allow for multiple incomes and budgets, but it's okay since you can just edit the one entry and keep adding to it (a new one starts each month). The monsters are also really cute!

Other Apps worth mentioning:
SomNote: A note taking app which allows for organisation in colour coded folders. You can also sync this app with other apple devices via iCloud.
SomTodo: By the same creators of SomNote - a checklist version.
RB Calendar: A calendar app where you can see what you wrote in small font when in month view.

Ring Finder by Tiffany & Co: An app with a catalog of Tiffany & Co engagement rings. You can view each ring on different skin tones, change the amount of carats, and view prices. 

OPI: A catalogue of OPI nail polish colours, where you can view painted nails on various skin tones.

Diamond Dash: Favourite gaming app - very basic yet addictive, you just tap on places with three or more of the same coloured squares. Allows you to verse Facebook friends.

Candy Crush: Similar to the very famous Bejewelled. This app came out of nowhere and suddenly everyone on Facebook was addicted haha. There's so many levels to pass, I don't think I know anyone who's finished them all.

Other Apps worth mentioning:
Temple Run 1 & 2: Basically a running app where there's lots of objectives to pass in order to get a higher score multiplier.
Plants Vs. Zombies: Really fun app, you basically need to use plants to prevent zombies from entering your home. There are a tonne of plants and zombies with different powers and attack strategies.

IQ: One of those brain teaser apps where you need to think outside the box. Really fun, but also annoying when you're stuck on a level for too long.
4 Pics 1 Word: A game where they give you clues with four pictures which you need to guess the one word which relates to all of them.

Other Apps worth mentioning:
LogoQuiz: A quiz game where they give you an unfinished picture of various logos/brands for you to guess.
IconPopQuiz: Similar to logo quiz but for famous individuals.

And that's about it!

Thank you for reading~ Stay tuned for my post on favourite photography apps :D

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